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Project: Greenutley / Nutley Farmers Market

Grant Funder: NJ Healthy Communities Grant from Partners for Health Foundation to the Nutley Department of Health and Department of Public Works

Role: Contributor / Coordinator

Wrote a newspaper column to educate the community in simple ways to make healthy, sustainable choices. Designed and implemented Market Walk & Talk, a weekly walk & learn group to engage participants in a healthy activity and give them access to interesting experts from a variety of disciplines while encouraging them to make the Nutley Farmers Market part of their regular routine. Created promotion and communication materials including press releases (see sample), social media, blog posts, and weekly emails (see sample). Supported design and implementation of regular special events such as Restaurant Week, peach pie contest, and fresh produce collection days for local food pantry.

Social Media

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Greenutley Newspaper Columns

  • 7th Season of the Nutley Farmers Market…and Many More?

  • Act Now

  • Best Ways to Save Energy & Money

  • The Buzz on Bees

  • Celebrating Trees

  • Choose Paper that Conserves Trees

  • Composting Made Easy

  • Creating a Backyard Wildlife Habitat

  • Curbside Recycling and Beyond

  • Don't Be an American Idler

  • Easy Ways to Conserve Water

  • Food for Thought

  • Genetically Engineered Foods Should Be Labeled

  • Get Out in the Cold

  • Going Green When Going Back to School

  • Grasscycling

  • Greening the Holidays

  • Is Solar Right for Your Home?

  • Labels to Know: FishWise, Rainforest Alliance, FSC Certified, Energy Star

  • Labels to Know: Organic, Fair Trade, Certified Humane

  • Let the Cleaning Begin

  • Make Shopping List Nice, Not Naughty

  • Nutley Achieves Sustainable Jersey Certification

  • Nutley Farmers Market Opens June 5th 2011

  • Reducing Food Waste

  • Saving Seeds

  • School Lunch Can Be Healthy & Delicious

  • Ten Reasons to Visit the Nutley Farmers Market

  • That's Garbage! Or Is It?

  • Tips for a Greener Lawn

  • We Are What We Build

  • Why a Healthy Lunch Is Important

  • Why Locally Grown Food?

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